Maui Fishing Report

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Fishing Report

Captain Tad

Here are some links to some Gopro action:

Cannon Movie:    Top side and underwater action using our Cannon DT 10 down riggers.

Bikini Shark Fishing:  Our most resent video with a fun crew and some new underwater shots with the Gopro.

Bait, Crazy Wahoo. and Black Coral:  A look into the deep on the Black Coral grounds.  A finicky snapper and a smart and hungry Wahoo along with some beautiful schools of bait.

Gray Snapper, Reluctant Tuna and THE BIG SURPRISE:  Finicky fish and a big surprise!

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New Lahaina Harbor record Wahoo!

Captain Tad and crew Brian with their 90 lb. Ono
caught on our new Shimano "Stella" spinning gear

The fish on the left weighed 38 lbs!

Friendly Humpback

Almost lost a leg on this one!

We need a bigger Yeti

Captain Brad and Drew with a nice bull Mahi Mahi

A happy crew on Luckey Strike II

"Luckey Strike II" and drone working on the Imax Film "Humpbacks 3D" coming out in February  2015

These are from one day on the North Shore of Molokai 
with good friends and "Lani" da black dog!

Click here to see a video of this trip!

"Lani" …..out bait keeper


North shore of Molokai

Incredible cliffs and waterfalls

Hooked up again!  A very rare day on the north shore

"Lani" getting ready to "help"

Cindy Luckey with a nice Gray snapper

Tax collector

"Kaku"  (Barracuda)  

Our new "Stella" high tech light tackle in action!

An incredible day with a full "Yeti"

From November 15th through January 27th

Giant Trevally

Luckey Strike II and Reel Luckey


Another light tackle Wahoo

Big Gray snapper!



Harbor shark

Fat Wahoo (Ono) caught on our new spinning gear

More shots from last year

Giant Trevally



December's Fish!
Great family FUN!

75 lb. Amberjack on 15 lb. test

I really like my fish!

Barracuda!  (Kaku)

22lb. Gray snapper

Kaku in the dark

The sharks have been brutal this month!

Beautiful "Blue Finned Trevally  (Omilu)

Nice Amberjack

This is the "Giant Trevally" that can get to over 150 lbs.

Rainbow Runner or Hawaiian Salmon  


Rare "Thread Finned Trevally"

45lb. Wahoo caught on the "Thrill Seeker" spinning rod!

"Fat Snapper!

Hooked up to a big Wahoo!