Maui Fishing Report

Saturday, June 28, 2003

Surface fish and some BIG bottom fish!

This is one GIANT TREVALLY! This incredible fish was caught on a live bait on our downrigger by a 10 year old girl on June 28th 2003. With some help from our crew she was able to get the fish to the boat in 45 minutes. This is our second largest "Ulua" in 30 years!

Mahi Mahi come in all sizes all year long. A beautiful game fish and one of the finest eating of all! They are also known as "Dolphin Fish", or Dorado. 10 year old Kelly had a great time with this 25 lb.Bull" (male) Mahi Mahi.

(Giant Trevally)
This one of the most sought after game fish for all our local fishermen. Big, strong, and hard fighting, they can really pull some line and give you a battle. They feed mostly at night but have a hard time passing up a little Mackerel desert during the day!