Maui Fishing Report

Saturday, November 23, 2002

Giant Trevally!

On November 20th,2001 Martha Hutton and her husband Mark went out for an evening of fishing for Giant Trevally or "Ulua" (Hawaiian name). Our son Tyler had just caught the Junior I.G.F.A. record the week earlier. On our last drift before heading in she hooked up and landed this beautiful 75lb. monster. There's nothing better than "Lady Luck"!

On November 23rd,2002 almost exactly one year later Mark and Martha decided to try again. On Mark's first drop after sunset he hooked up and landed this incedible 92lb. Ulua! Now the battle is on for the biggest Ulua of 2003!

Saturday, April 13, 2002

Hawaiian Game Fish All Year Round!

You don't have to be an experienced fisherman to have some fun! Little Kattie hooked up and handled the equipment like a pro. Even taking some time out for a photo opp.

Kattie and Austin with a good looking, hard fighting Gray Snapper. These fish are caught with live or rigged bait. Drifting or using a downrigger gets the bait right off the bottom where they prowl the legdges and drop offs.

A great morning of fishing topped off with Austin's 30lb. Amberjack that we tagged and released to fight another day.

Wednesday, March 13, 2002

Blue Marlin

This Blue Marlin was caught off the North Shore of Molokai while fishing for giant Yellowfin Tuna. We hooked the fish at 9:00 am and wanted to tag and release it and go catch some tuna. After 22 times to leader the fish finally made a long 200 yard run straight down and the leader got wrapped around it’s tail. Dragging it backwards killed the fish and any chance of releasing it. We finally got the fish on board at 5:00 pm. Total fighting time……………8 hours! We were 5 hours late getting back to the harbor, hence the dark background.

This big Blue Marlin was caught on the south side of Lanai. After two hours the fish wasn't moving and the line was straight up and down indicating that the fish was deceased! Trying to hand line the fish up we found that it was ANCHORED to the bottom in 850 ft. It had gotten snagged on the bottom terrain. Not wanting to dive down and take a look we circled in different directions for over an hour and the fish came loose and we muscled it up to the boat.